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KVS PGT English Syllabus 2022: PDF Download: Syllabus Website

Last updated on January 16th, 2023 at 10:21 am

KVS PGT English Syllabus

KVS PGT English Syllabus Can be downloaded here. This is the updated syllabus of 2022. Candidates can download syllabus PDF from the link given below.


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Scheme of Exam for Direct Recruitment of Post Graduate Teacher:

The written test is of 180 marks (180 objective type multiple choice questions) carrying 01 mark for each question.

The duration of written test will be 180 minutes (03:00 Hours) without any time limit for each part individually.


Section Name -Nature of Questions

Part I – Proficiency in Languages (20 marks):

  1. General English-10 questions
  2. General Hindi- 10 questions


Part II – General awareness, Reasoning & Proficiency in Computers (20 marks)

  1. General Awareness & Current Affairs (10 Ques.)
  2. Reasoning Ability (5 Ques.)
  3. Computer Literacy (5 Ques.)


Part-III: Perspectives on Education and Leadership (40 questions)

(a) Understanding the Learner-(15 Questions)

(b) Understanding Teaching Learning -(15 Questions)

(c) Creating Conducive Learning Environment and

(d) School Organization and Leadership- (10 Questions – C,D & E)

(e) Perspectives in Education

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Part IV – Subject-specific Syllabus (100 marks) – Refer Annexure

Professional Competency Test:

The Professional Competency Test is of 60 marks (Demo Teaching -30 marks and Interview -30Marks).



The weightage of Written Test & Professional Competency (Demo Teaching:15 and Interview:15) will be 70:30 Final merit list will be based on the performance of the candidate in Written Test & Professional Competency Test taken together.

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Scheme & Syllabus of Exam for Direct Recruitment of PGTs:


Part I – Proficiency in Languages (20 marks):

(a) General English (10 Questions)

Reading comprehension, word power, Grammar & usage

(b) General Hindi (10 Questions)

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पठन कौशल, शब्द सामर्थ्य, व्याकरण एवं प्रयुक्ति

Part II – General awareness, Reasoning & Proficiency in Computers (20 marks):


(g) General Awareness& Current Affairs (10 Questions)

(h) Reasoning Ability (5 Questions)

(i) Computer Literacy (5 Questions)


Part III -Perspectives on Education and Leadership   (40 marks):


(A) Understanding the Learner (15 questions)

  • Concept of growth, maturation and development, principles and debates of development, development tasks and challenges
  • Domains of Development: Physical, Cognitive, Socio-emotional, Moral etc., deviations in development and its implications.
  • Understanding Adolescence: Needs, challenges and implications for designing institutional support.
  • Role of Primary and Secondary Socialization agencies. Ensuring Home school continuity.

(B) Understanding Teaching Learning (15 Questions)

Theoretical perspectives on Learning -Behaviorism, Cognitivism and Constructivism with special reference to their implications for:

  1. The role of teacher
  2. The role of learner
  • Nature of teacher-student relationship
  1. Choice of teaching methods
  2. Classroom environment
  3. Understanding of discipline, power etc.

Factors affecting learning and their implications for:

  1. Designing classroom instructions,
  2. Planning student activities and,
  • Creating learning spaces in school.

Planning and Organization of Teaching-Learning

  1. Concept of Syllabus and Curriculum, Overt and Hidden Curriculum, Principles of curriculum organization
  2. Competency based Education, Experiential learning, etc.
  • Instructional Plans: -Year Plan, Unit Plan, Lesson Plan
  1. Instructional material and resources
  2. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for teaching-learning
  3. Evaluation: Purpose, types and limitations. Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation, Characteristics of a good tool.
  • Assessment of learning, for learning and as learning: Meaning, purpose and considerations in planning each.


Enhancing Teaching Learning processes: Classroom Observation and Feedback, Reflections and Dialogues as a means of constructivist teaching

C.) Creating Conducive Learning Environment (04 questions)

  • The concepts of Diversity, disability and Inclusion, implications of disability as social construct, types of disabilities-their identification and interventions
  • Concept of School Mental Health, addressing the curative, preventive and promotive dimensions of mental health for all students and staff. Provisioning for guidance and counselling.
  • Developing School and community as a learning resource.


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(D) School Organization and Leadership (04 questions)

  • Leader as reflective practitioner, team builder, initiator, coach and mentor.
  • Perspectives on School Leadership: instructional, distributed and transformative
  • Vision building, goal setting and creating a School development Plan
  • Using School Processes and forums for strengthening teaching learning-Annual Calendar, time-tabling, parent teacher forums, school assembly, teacher development forums, using achievement data for improving teaching -learning, School Self Assessment an Improvement


(E) Perspectives in Education (02 questions)

  • NEP-2020: Curriculum and Pedagogy in Schools: Holistic & Integrated Learning; Equitable and Inclusive Education: Learning for All; Competency based learning and Education.
  • Guiding Principles for Child Rights, Protecting and provisioning for rights of children to safe and secure school environment, Right of Children to free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009,
  • Creating partnerships with community, industry and other neighbouring schools and Higher Education Institutes-forming learning communities Historically studying the National Policies in education with special reference to school education;
  • School Curriculum Principles: Perspective, Learning and Knowledge, Curricular Areas, School Stages, Pedagogy and Assessment


Part IV – Subject-specific Syllabus (100 marks):


The Professional Competency Test (Demo Teaching and Interview), is of 60 marks. The weightage of Written Test & Professional Competency Test (Demo Teaching and Interview) will be in the ratio of 70:30.

Final merit list will be based on the performance of the candidate in Written Test, Professional Competency Test taken together.

Syllabus for Written Examination for PGT (ENGLISH )

Syllabus for the post of PGT – English


Subject specific syllabus includes the concepts of NCERT/CBSE syllabus and Text Books (Classes XI & XII), however, the questions will be testing the depth of understanding and application of these concepts at the level of Post- Graduation.

  • Reading: Unseen passage (Factual, descriptive or literary) to assess comprehension, interpretation inference and vocabulary, Unseen case-based passage with verbal/visual inputs like statistical data, charts etc., Note Making and Summarization based on a passage.
  • Creative Writing Skills: Notice, Formal/Informal Invitation and Reply, Letters based on verbal/visual input, Article/ Report Writing, descriptive and analytical in nature, based on verbal inputs. Classified Advertisements, Poster, Writing a Speech in 120-150 words based on verbal/ visual clues related to some contemporary / age-appropriate topic, Debate on contemporary topical issues based on visual/verbal inputs
  • Grammar: Questions on Gap filling (Tenses, Clauses), Questions on re-ordering/transformation of sentences.
  • The Portrait of a Lady , A Photograph , “We’re Not Afraid to Die… if we can be together, Discovering Tut: the Saga Continues;, The Laburnum Top , The Voice of the Rain , Childhood , The Adventure; Silk Road , Father to Son
  • The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse , The Address , Mother’s Day , Birth , The Tale of Melon City
  • The Last Lesson , Lost Spring , Deep Water, The Rattrap , Índigo , Poets and Pancakes , The Interview , Going Places , My Mother at Sixty-Six , Keeping Quiet , A Thing of Beauty , A Roadside Stand , Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers, The Third Level ; The Tiger King, Journey to the end of the Earth , The Enemy , On the Face of It , Memories of Childhood, The Cutting of My Long Hair , We Too are Human Beings

Candidates can download syllabus PDF from here. – Click Here

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