KVS PGT English Syllabus: Download Syllabus PDF

KVS PGT English Syllabus

KVS PGT English Syllabus Can be downloaded here.


Syllabus and Scheme for Limited Departmental Examination

Post – PGT English in Central Schools (Kendriya Vidyalaya)

Job Description –

    1. To teach particular subject 
    2. To assist the principal/vice principal 
    3. To help children for holistic development

Kendriya Vidyalaya PGT English Pattern & Syllabus (KVS PGT English)


PGT (Trained Graduate Teachers)
Hindi, English & Sanskrit
Number of
1. Subject Competency 50 50
2. Reading Comprehension 10 10
3. Grammar and Usage 20 20
4. Academics 20 20
5. General Aptitude:
(A) General Knowledge (18 Questions)
(B) Reasoning Aptitude (12 Questions)
(C) Quantitative Aptitude (06 Questions)
(D) General Hindi & General English (14 Questions)
50 50
Total Duration – 2 Hours 30 Minutes 150 150
Topics Details Number of Questions
General Knowledge
That Do no require subject specialization
A. Current Affairs/events of national and international importance
B. History of India and Indian National Movements.
C. Indian and World Geography- Physical, Social, Economic geography and of India and the world etc.
D. Indian Polity and Governance – Constitution, Political System, Panchayati Raj, Public Issues, Articles, Rights etc.
E. Economic and Social Development – Sustainable development, poverty, Inclusion, Demographics, Social sectors initiatives etc.
F. General issues on Environment, Ecology, Bio-diversity, Climate Change, General Science, General Computer & Computer Literacy.
Reasoning Aptitude A. General Mental/ Analytical Ability
B. Verbal/Logical Reasoning, Relations & Hierarchies
C. Analogies, Assertion, Truth Statements.
D. Coding and Decoding, Situational Reasoning.
E. Series and Patterns involving words and alphabets.
Hindi & English Knowledge A. Proficiency related to the language, Elements of Language, Pedagogy of language development,
Communication and Comprehension abilities, Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing proficiencies etc.
Quantitative Aptitude A. Two and Three dimensional/Venn diagrams based questions
B. Number Patterns, Series, Sequences, Basic Numeracy
C. Arithmetic aptitude, Data interpretation (Charts, Graphs or tables, Data sufficiency etc.)
D. Direction sense, Analysis and interpretation in various contexts.
General Aptitude Total Marks 50


Knowledge/Areas/Skill to be tested

A. Subject Competency- (50 Marks)

(As per annexure)
B. Reading Comprehension- (10 Marks)
Ability to comprehend analyze and interpret unseen texts.

C. Grammar and Usage- (20 Marks)
Ability to apply the knowledge of syntax and grammatical items & use them accurately in the context provided. Candidates competence on language, usage and writing ability will be tested through error correction/editing/gap
filling/ sentence completion/multiple type questions on various areas such as:
i) Determiners
ii) Tenses
iii) Clauses
iv) Modals
vi) Voice
vi) Reported speech
vii) Official letter/ demo-official letter/ Non-formal letter-layout etc.

D. Academics: (20 Marks)

  • Pedagogy
  • Teaching methodology
  • Basics of ICT and Educational psychology
  • Instructional leadership assessment & other related issues.
  • Admission Guidelines Code of Conduct of teachers and students
  • Rules for Examination and Promotion & Scheme of Studies and Syllabus.
  • Academic supervision
  • Health Services in schools.

E. General Aptitude: – 50 Marks

(i) General Knowledge.
(ii) Reasoning Aptitude,
(iii) Quantitative Aptitude,
(iv) General Hindi & General English



Syllabus for Written Examination for PGT (ENGLISH -LDE


Ability to comprehend, analyze and interpret unseen texts. Three/four unseen reading passages may be set.


Ability to express views/opinions in a coherent & logical manner.
B1. One out of two tasks such as factual description of any event or incident, a report or a process.
B2. Writing one formal letter. Letter types include
a) Business or official letters(for making enquiries, registering complaints, asking for and giving information, placing orders and sending replies)
b) Letter to the editors(giving facts/figures suggestions opinions on an issue of public interest) on contemporary / current issues.
c) Application for a job with cv.
B3. Writing personal opinion/views’stand in an article/debate speech etc. on a given socio-cultural issue -in a style register suitable to the task set. Issues could relate to
(a) environment
(b) education
(c) gender discrimination
(d) economic disparity etc..


Ability to apply the knowledge of syntax and grammatical items & use them accurately in the context provided. The following
grammatical structures will be tested through error correction / editing gap filling / sentence completion / multiple choice
questions :
1. Determiners
2. Tenses
3. Clauses
4. Modals
S. Voice



1 – The Portrait of a lady
2 – Albert Einstein at school
3 – The voice of the Rain(Poem)
4 – The Ailing Planet
5 – Deep Water
6 – An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum
7 – On the face of it.
8 – A thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever
9 – Going Places
10 – Memories of Childhood
11 – The address

Reference Books : Text Books published by NCERT for classes XI & XII.


Candidates can download syllabus PDF from here. – Click Here

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